Time is running out!

This is a bit heavy on the mental side. But we all only live for a limited time only (sorry). I tried to visualize the amount of time we have left in our life. This is based on the expected lifetime in years, in The Netherlands (86 for women and 82 for men). This is also dependend on the year you were born, your expected life is longer if you are young and a bit less when you are already at higher age, due to better medical care, food, etc. The calculation is done with just the afore mentioned average in mind.
Below you can fill in your date of birth and your gender. The graph then shows the amount of weeks you have left in your life (again, based on the average life expectation). And also the amount you already survived. Use this to get motivated to start doing something useful with your life. It’s over before you know it. I told you in the first sentence, this may be a bit heavy.

Please provide your date of birth and select your gender. If you choose other, the mean of F and M is used.
Note that the calculator only works when your age is currently below the expected average.

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Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy):

One row per year, devided into groups of 13 weeks or 1 quarter.

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