This is my personal site on which I irregularly post stuff that interest me. That is usually related to Triathlon and Data visualization with R. Maybe I’ll add some BBQ recipes later. Probably in the summer.

As far as I know, the name of this site has no meaning at all. It is no intended combination of initials or the name of some tropical island as on the picture, this is Bora-Bora. Please contact me if you have found a meaning of this word.

I use various tools for data collection and processing etc. I am not a good programmer, mediocre is probably overrated. I did a couple of MOOC’s on R. The to-do list is still rather long. Enough to learn!
Here is an, incomplete, overview of tools I currently use:


Image stuff

Data collection

  • Garmin Forerunner 945 (current sport watch)
  • Garmin Edge 800 and 830
  • Hammerhead Karoo 1
  • 4iiii power meters on the bikes
  • Heart rate monitors from Garmin and Wahoo

Using code and/or images from this site is all fine, I hope you found it useful. A reference or link to this site is appreciated.

Comments and contact stuff are currently disabled. Still looking for a proper spam filter because all the sh*t I got on the comments and contact pages were just a waste of time. If you really want to contact me there are ways to do so, but you have to find these yourself (whoo, mysterious..)

Disclaimer: I’ll do my best to add references to code snippets or other info I find on various websites and forums. Sometimes I miss a link or two, please forgive me for that.
I also use an image of Homer Simpson on some of the posts. This is just an illustration that I use as a fan. Copyright is owned by Fox and its related companies. All rights reserved. This web site, its operators, and any content contained on this site relating to “The Simpsons” are not authorized by Fox.

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